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Save money and increase security with a cloud server.

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Why outsource your cloud computing service requirements to Chainwide?

- Well experienced, skilled, and qualified team of cloud computing specialists

- Our Storage-as-a-Services are connected with multiple clouds for disaster recovery, analytics, test/dev, and other use cases.

- Freeing IT teams from system management while delivering enterprise-grade data security, capacity, replication, performance, and public cloud availability

- Easy leveraging of preferred clouds and switching between them at any time based on the needs of applications.

- Elimination of vendor lock-in as data are independent of the cloud.

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What can switching to the cloud do for you?

The cloud replaces everything a server has done for you in the past and includes a handful of additional benefits. Data Storage, Software Hosting, Website Hosting, Virtual Machines, Network Infrastructure, Increased Security, Data Redundancy and 99.99% Uptime with Chainwide

Cloud Services we help with

Your cloud journey couldn't get easier

Amazon Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Oracle Cloud

What you get

24/7 IT Help Desk Support for your organization

Peace of Mind 

We promise your data is secured and backed up with no worries!  

Disaster Recovery

For when you can’t afford to go down. Be ready for any disaster, anytime.

Offsite Backup

Don’t keep the future of your company in a thumb drive on your desk.- let us keep your legacy secure

Virtual Private Servers

Instead of buying and maintaining a server, just use ours! We’ll do the hard work for you.


Take those noisy expensive servers in your closet and put them in our top tier data center.

Much More

Speak to our team about ways that we can launch your business forward.

How we approach

Following Best Practices from the Get-Go

Cloud vendor management from infrastructure to applications

Smooth running at a fraction of cost and time taken with other cloud computing models

Cloud application development with cost-effectiveness and scalability for multitenancy

Data segregation data while compliant with security standards and regulations

Integration of applications by external data sources with APIs

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Cloud Computing Services

Comes with Managed Cloud Service

Service Consulting

Our leading cloud computing service offerings are proficient in driving the development of cloud-native applications, management of cloud infrastructures, and migration of data & applications. Our team of certified cloud experts is proficient in developing cloud-native applications, managing cloud infrastructures, and migrating business data and application for cloud environments. Supporting businesses on their journeys to the cloud with effective design, implementation, and comprehensive security measures, we safeguard VM's and server loads.

As an end-to-end cloud computing service provider we do strive for meeting cloud computing requirements. our Cloud Management Portal supports businesses in the management and configuration of cloud platforms with a single click. Looking against every stage and every part, we ensure to get everything covered cost-effectively.   


1. Assessing of current infrastructure, investments, and definition of goals

2. Conducting of workshops for gaining a thorough understanding and building plans for reaching desired stages

3. Comprehensive exploratory evaluation with Cloud Value and TCO assessment

4. Devising plans for capacity building, scaling, multi-vendor management, and build a detailed solution architecture

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Our infrastructure as a Service provisions the basic computing resources that are required for the deployment of enterprise systems over the Internet. The physical infrastructure of IT systems is shifted offsite and we offer access to a virtualized environment of computing resources. Taking the advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud for delivering infrastructure, our IaaS solutions also benefit businesses for choosing when, how, and what computing resources are consumed and scaling up or down as per changing requirements. Our Iaas Solutions will also configure and maintenance of the infrastructure upgrades for focussing on the applications.

Benefits of IaaS

1. Scaling up and down with a subscription-based, pay-as-you-go model

2. Optimum control over virtualized infrastructure with secure API

3. Provision and management of cloud computing infrastructure requirement over the internet, eliminating the hassles of infrastructure management

4. Effective management of data centers for access, authenticating of users, securing VM's, monitoring security logs, and securing networks

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Catering to a runtime environment for programmers, our PaaS solutions drive smooth creation, testing, running, and deployment of web applications. Businesses can benefit from such solutions on a pay-per-use model and can access them with an internet connection. Managing the back end scalability, our experts make sure end users do not worry about infrastructure management. Our PaaS solutions comprise infrastructure components such as servers, storage, and networking, platform components such as middleware, development tools, database management systems, business intelligence, etc for supporting the web application life cycle.

Benefits of PaaS

1. Ready to build applications and software development updates and backups

2. Building, testing, debugging, deploying, hosting, and updating software without disturbing infrastructure provisioning and management

3. Maintenance of the tech stack portability and seamless operations with other platforms

4. Resource management over memory and CPU

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) distribution model is designed in a way that allows users to access applications that are hosted online, freeing them from the hassles of installation, maintenance, or integration issues. We cater professional SaaS application development services by combining quick product evolution alongside qualitative and stabilized code. We cover all comprehensive stages of SaaS development and deliver reliable SaaS solutions that are compiled with well converted and optimized UI/UX design. Implementing best-in-class technologies and intuitive UX/UI design approaches, our SaaS experts to build robust SaaS applications as per requirement. Staying parallel to all principles, practices, and tools defined by government bodies such as CNCF, our dedicated SaaS professionals and UI/UX designers will develop solutions on demand par above industry standards.

Benefits of SaaS

1. Minimum time to benefits, our SaaS solutions are ready for usage with the only minor probability of issues during software development

2. Saving of costs with multi-tenant hardware and software environment

3. Scalable and integration capable SaaS offerings

4. Smaller costs and efforts for up-gradation and new releases

5. Use of best of best in class practices and technology Offers More Benefits Than Any Other Provider

Enabling IT organizations for adoption of cloud technology, we assist IT businesses in becoming more agile and responsive to the fluctuating market scenarios, catering support by guiding decision-making and maximize Return on Investment (ROI). Our cloud computing architects, consultants, and experts assist IT organizations with a tailored cloud solution for business requirements.

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