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Server Monitoring and Management

CIO Consulting

Executive Reporting

Network Management

Systems Administrator Services

Vendor Liaison Services

Virus, Malware, Ransomware Protection

Network Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Email Filtering

Network Layout Design and Planning

Help Desk Services

And Much More

IT can quickly overwhelm your staff, causing you to lose valuable work time and add inefficiency.

When technology issues in your company happen, who handles it? Could that person be doing something else? What if you had a team of experts that could manage your technology so that your staff could get back to work? You shouldn’t have to worry about every member of your staff needing to figure out technology day after day. Managed IT Services with makes it so they don’t have to. Managed IT Services

Everything from simple printer setups, to advanced infrastructure maintenance and backups. We’ll manage it for you


Never miss a message, no matter where you are.

Management & Support

Our top tier support is ready to help your employees right when they need it.


Utilize our expert advice to consult your business on its future in technology, helping you build a roadmap to longevity and success.

IT Management Services we cater

IT Desk Support

Our IT Desktop Support Services cater to support professionals in business by assisting them by generating value for clients through a series of steps listed below:

- Installation of desktop support service parallels with Help Desk support for a seamless customer experience.

- Maintenance of scalability and versatility by boosting efficiency over onsite support systems

- Cutting down costs with centralized support

- Boosting productivity in the workplace in-house operations and remote professionals with much efficient software and state-of-the-art self-service tools.

Data Backup and Recovery

Our professional data backup and recovery services cater to data protection over the business requirement at an affordable price giving managers peace of mind and help in maintaining continuity. IT businesses will also benefit from data back-up remotely and empowers recovery from natural disasters and other major events. With backups and reinforced safeguard processes, we protect irreplaceable business data. With best-in-class backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, we infuse comprehensive processes of disaster recovery into a single service for storage, design, testing, monitoring, restoration assistance, failover, reporting, and more.

Server Management

Chainwide's 24/7 outsourced server management services specialize in server security, Server Hardening, Support of Linux/UNIX/Windows servers, products, and other related services. Catering Unix/Linux/Windows Server Management Services to Data centers, large companies, and ISPs around the world, we bring together appropriate server management that entails all system administration operations.

Most of the operations are initiated with the respective system admins of IT business firms. Customers and resources are keeping on boosting which demands the system admin team for driving effective management of servers. Our experts have fully acknowledged the importance of uptime, security and reliability minimizing downtime, improving operations performance, and assisting web hosts in minimizing support costs. We are always updated with the latest server management drift and always work on our expertise and industry knowledge over emerging server technologies. With 24/7 support, we assure dependable, secure, and accessible IT management services.

Aligning servers, our support strategies run parallel with company goals and growth velocity. In-house management of the servers can be time-consuming, complex, and costly, where downtime comes with business risks, revenues, and spoiling of brand trust. Choose outsourcing to us for your IT management services as the best option.

Email Management

Avoid emails interfering with your IT performance as these are time-consuming for management and security risks if not monitored correctly. Our comprehensive range of email management solutions takes the headaches out of email. By catering services ranging from importing users, management of user licenses, developing groups and aliases for improved collaboration, and many more. Thus our IT businesses will save their time, streamline communication & collaboration efforts, and optimize email security with our well-tested email management systems. We also support IT businesses with appropriate support needed for maximizing efficiency. Our email management system will prevent offices from incoming malware and emails from leaving the company.

Network Security

Our comprehensive suite of network security services comprises the identification and resolution of all kinds of network security threats, skillful deployment of appropriate tools for IT infrastructure optimization, and designing of a robust and secure IT framework. With awareness over the up-to-date cyber threat landscape, we offer high-end networking security solutions that smoothen stabilize and strengthen IT business infrastructure. Leverage intelligent technologies that run parallel with particular business goals, compliance, and security objectives, our IT services safeguard the network from malicious infiltration. With intuitive intelligence system detection of threats in real-time is quite easy. Thus we facilitate quicker incident response and counter-action for preventing any niche of irreversible damage and data loss. Chainwide is committed to safeguarding all of the esteemed client's infrastructure and networks against cyber attacks by choosing intensive security solutions.

VoIP and Phone

Get benefited from calling for low rates without compromising on quality. Our VoIP and phone services empower IT businesses to call some other international but still communicate cheap and stable. We offer our clients a unique chance for staying in touch with business partners, workers, and their clients irrespective of the location at cheap rates with SIP application facilities and access to the Internet. Chainwide's VoIP services range from varied functions as setting up of IP address, monitoring of calls, SIP-accounts, voice menu IVR, and others. Businesses can make calls online with the SIP application service.

IT Disaster Recovery

Our innovative solutions drive businesses through our global partners the desired Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of IT businesses. Our end-to-end Data Resiliency framework is supported with robust infrastructure, extensive data center, network, security, and cloud managed services, other automated solutions. Irrespective of where business data is hosted, our solutions help planning, designing, and management of an efficient DR site. Our fully compliant hosting environment complements this unique value proposition.

Getting Managed IT Services is Easier Than You Think

- During your free consultation, we’ll make sure we understand your unique needs.

- We’ll take a look at how your business is using IT, and custom fit a solution for you.

- Your organization enjoys a simplified IT experience with expert assistance, advice and vision when you need it.

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